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"Beslan GHF"

The GHF range of products is committed to advancing your well being by providing you with the highest quality nutritional supplements and health foods possible.

"Doctor Biokon"

Consists of therapeutic and prophylactic products containing biologically active substances such as medicinal leech extract, herbal extracts and other well-known pharmaceutical substances. The main advantages of the series: potentiation of medicinal leech active substances and pharmaceutical substances; good permeability and distribution; high efficiency; easy in use and accessible.

A series of special products for feet care with venotonic and deodorizing effect. The use of these products provides a wide range of beneficial effects: removes fatigue, reduced sweating and prevents feet fungal infection.

Emergency Cosmetics "SOS"

Emergency Cosmetics "SOS" - a serie of creams with different purposes but rapid and effective action. Series name speaks for itself: "SOS" cosmetics - the first thing that should be applied when your skin or joints are crying out for help. The therapeutic effect of "SOS" cosmetics is based on the properties of relic pine tar - a substance with a strong antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effect - and other complements of plant origin.


Nature in its wisdom has foreseen everything, including an option to fight different pathogens considering all personal properties of every person. "Olioseptil" is the first treatment line using complex essential oils in a micro-emulsion to effectively treat a variety of common health issues. The patented 'micro emulsified' delivery system diffuses all the active ingredients to the affected organism for optimal health results. The use of L-V caps assures efficient delivery and increased bio-availability to the affected areas. All of the "Olioseptil" treatments for sinus, throat, bronchial, gastro-intestinal and urinary tract problems have been clinically tested for efficacy, for their anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties using an aromatogram protocol. "Olioseptil" treatments are of pharmaceutical grade and have received the coveted ISO quality and efficacy rating. All the ingredients are natural and many are organically certified when noted.

Products made of natural ingredients "LLG"

Products made of natural ingredients offer a wide range of parapharmaceuticals: ancient sea salt for baths, bishofits, balsam fir (extract for baths, as well as for rubbing and compresses), coniferous concentrate, mineral wax, paraffin and other products. These prodcts are in demand in sanatoriums, hospitals and other medical institutions, as well as at home for private use.
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