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Mustard powder

Mustard powder is obtained by processing mustard chaff left after oil extraction. Mustard powder is indispensable for hot foot baths; mustard wrap will return your health and vigor. For cosmetic purposes powder is used for preparation of various masks and creams improving skin and hair condition.


Various plasters: pepper perforated, bactericide, corn, and roll tape.

"911" series

These are completely new products designed to assist in case of complaints of different nature. 40% of the unique, balanced composition of "911" gels consist of active substances: essential and fatty oils, herbal extracts, camphor, menthol and other active ingredients. Soft gel base not only provides the most rapid penetration of active substances into the tissue, their intense impact and rapid assistance, but also keeps them active for a long period of time. Series "911" is a rescue service for you and your loved ones at home.

"Before and After" series

You will definitely notice the difference before and after you have used these products. Rich of such ingredients as natural extracts of plants, essential oils and vitamins.

"911 KIDS" children's cosmetics series

A series of children's cosmetics "911 KIDS - Your Rescue Service" is made for the most delicate and sensitive baby’s skin starting with the first year of his life. Your baby’s soft skin needs special care, since it's several times thinner than adult’s one therefore more prone to irritation and adverse effects of the environment. Series range represents different cosmetic products for children’s sensitive skin. The components of these products are natural ingredients, herbal extracts, medicinal oils and vitamins.
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