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Company's "Altayvitamini" history begins in 1949, and the enterprise has been developing dynamically ever since. It is the best confirmation of efficiency, safety and quality of manufactured production. At present day company "Altayvitamini" is represented in Latvia with the following products: ascorbic acid dragee, askorutin tablets, undevit dragee, revit dragee, inhalipt and kameton aerosols, brier syrup, sea buckthorn oil and others. Sea buckthorn oil at least 180mg% is a natural, unique, balanced complex of vitamins and biologically active substances. Out of all known vegetable oils only sea buckthorn oil contains vitamin A in its most active form as beta carotenoids and in maximum quantity.

Herbal and other biologically active supplements

Among the plants found in fields, forests and meadows you can find a huge amount of drugs or herbs and berries, so-called green pharmacy. The products manufactured by ZAO "Arnika" include biologically active supplements of Home Herbal series, which includes herbs already familiar to the consumer; series «Bannij zapar» with herbs and series of "Home berry" – a vitamin line of dried berries.

"Aromasensia®" massage oils and floral waters

"Aromasensia®" is a range of spa, body and skin care products made with the finest botanical oils and extracts. Our products are carefully formulated with aromatherapeutic essential oils, medicinal herbs and exotic botanicals, traditionally used for well being by different cultures, sourced from around the world. All preformulated aromatherapeutic massage oils blend natural essentials oils and herbal extracts with a vegetable carrier oil. Floral water hydrolat for use as a facial skin spray to refresh or tone skin.

Essential and cosmetic oils.

These are 100% essential and cosmetic oils which are perfect for enhancing the internal forces, maintaining well-being, good mood and creating a comfortable emotional atmosphere. Effective ways of use of essential oils- in aromalamps, for room aromatization, and bath taking. Essential oils may be very helpful in reduction of pain and removal of inflammatory processes. The inhalation of essentials oils helps to eliminate respiratory system inflammation. Cosmetic oils – are natural alive cosmetics which transmit the life-giving properties of nature to your skin.

Sea-buckthorn oil and other food supplements

A range of natural oils and balms, cosmetics and essential oils of high quality raw materials from Altai and Siberia - old recipes combined with the newest technologies. Sea-buckthorn oil "Siberian" contains a unique mix of vitamins and bioactive substances, including carotenoids, tocopherols, and polyunsaturated fatty acids necessary for the normalization of body functions. Natural sea buckthorn syrup with various berry fillings– a focused set of biologically active substances that increase immunity against infections and colds. (Rose hip syrup) Rosa canina syrup is recommended as a restorative tool.
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