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ZAO Altayvitamini, Russia

Sea buckthorn oil, vitamins, food supplements and medical devices.

ZAO Twins Tec, Russia


OOO Biokon, Ukraine

Cosmetics with medicinal leech extract.

OOO Aromavita, Russia

Essential oils.

Laboatoires Ineldea, France

Food supplements.

P.H.P.U.JANPOL, Poland

Tick removing syringes.

OOO PTK Avers, Russia

Cosmetic baths with herbal extracts.

OOO Altay-Vita, Russia

Sea buckthorn oil with additives.

Sarepta, Russia

Mustard powder.

ZAO Kineshma factory, Russia

Medicinal bandages and gauze.

OOO Lekker, Russia

Solutions’ storing and applying devices.

ZAO Sarepta Mediplast, Ukraine

Different plasters.