— Your trustworthy partner in the Baltic market

One of the basic directions of our activity is distribution. We are working on the rights of an exclusive distributor of medical preparations, cosmetics, medical devices and food supplements in the markets of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.

We are offering a wide range of services to our partners for every step of the import of their production to Baltic market:

Other important direction of our company’s activities is export. Viola Farma Ltd exports natural products of herbal origin and high manufacturing quality from Russia, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan to the EU countries. The list of export products includes vegetable oils from ecologically pure regions of Russia (Siberia, mountain Altai), bandages- dressings from natural cotton (Uzbekistan) and others.

Our company, by importing the goods from Eastern Europe countries and performing its clearance and registration in Latvia, provides a wide range of possibilities of mentioned goods’ promotion in the countries of EU.